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Real-time Web Analytics just took a step forward with Pion v4

Awesome news from Atomic Lab’s that Pion 4.0 has been released!

The new Dashboard functionality looks amazing – real-time web analytics likes page views, visitor sessions etc as well as performance analytics like load time and server reply time – along with the usual Pion goodness like tag-free analytics and customer journey visualisation with the Replay feature.



Can’t wait to implement this on some customer sites!


Real-time Performance Analytics with Pion and WebTuna

One of my goals is to create an easy to implement real-time web performance analytics solution that doesn’t rely on fragile, inaccurate javascript tags and I have been playing around with an idea on the weekend.

I used the performance measurement and analytics stream generation capabilities of Atomic Lab’s Pion to inspect the HTTP traffic directly off the network and measure the page load performance.

I then used some simple Python scripting within Pion to generate a beacon to, a UK-based performance analytics provider.

I then fired up and generated some traffic from different nodes around the world and you can see the results graphically in the screen shot below.


The end result is a proof of concept that works brilliantly to tell you who is on your website, where they come from, what pages they have visited… and how fast the page appeared to load from the end-user’s perspective.

Keep in mind these are page load times, not server response times or data centre timings! At first glance they correlate with the times with about 1/2 second, but I am going to do some more scientific testing when I get more time!